A moment to applaud

Source: Frontier Myanmar

Published on Feb. 16, 2017, noon

It’s time for the government to put rights back on the agenda and show that it hasn’t forgotten its core values.

IT’S EASY to miss the absence of something.

The National League for Democracy government’s neutering of Ma Ba Tha in mid-2016 was so clinical and effective that U Wirathu’s mob faded from the public eye with barely a whimper. The pages of the country’s newspapers have largely been free of the group’s hate-filled rhetoric for the past six months.

The list of NLD achievements since taking office is regrettably short. But let’s take a minute though to acknowledge the significance of the NLD facing down Buddhist nationalism and rendering it largely impotent. For those who believe in the principles of equality and non-discrimination, it compensates for at least some of the government’s shortcomings...

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