To Hopeland and Back: The 28th trip - Day Three. Wednesday, 29 March 2017

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Published on April 19, 2017, noon

Day Three. Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Diplomatic means can transform the smallness of a state into an asset.


Does anyone know which EAOs (otherwise ANSAs meaning armed non-state actors, as Geneva Call calls them) have signed the deed of commitment (DoC) for child protection?

Not me, for one. But no worry here, Because the GC’s Ms Taylor Landis is letting us know this morning who they are:
No Name of ANSA DoC against Gender Discrimination DoC for Ban of Anti-Personnel Mines DoC for Protection of Children






Chin National Front

Karenni National Progressive Party

Karen National Union

New Mon State Party

PaO National Liberation Organization

Palaung State Liberation Front

√ (2014)

√ (2013)

√ (2006)

√ (2007)

√ (2014)

√ (2012)

√ (2013)

√ (2012)

√ (2014)

  Total 2 2 5

But why should we sign when, for instance, we’ve learned from the American history that thousands of young boys under 18 served in both the Revolution and the War between the States?

The answer is that the world’s attitude has changed since, and signing these DoCs is one way the ANSAs can outreach the world as (more or less) legitimate actors. Because they need all the support they can get to win their cause.

The Geneva Call meanwhile is holding several discussions and workshops with other EAOs/ANSAs, including the RCSS/SSA and DKBA...

Sai Khuensai

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