About EBO

The Euro-Burma Office (EBO) was established in Brussels in 1997 to promote the development of democracy in Myanmar. It is the operations centre of Associates to Develop Democratic Burma, Inc (ADDB), which is a Canadian non profit organisation founded in 1990 and incorporated in 1994.

ebo's vision for the future of the union of myanmar

The “Pyidaungsu” (Union of Myanmar) is established as a federal democratic country after a well-negotiated and sustainable peace process. Just and fair negotiations have ended the 65-year old civil war and there is peaceful co-existence, where multi-ethnic communities thrive and participate actively in the political arena. The National Dialogue during the peace process has led to good governance and the establishment of a developed and prosperous nation. The international community supports the transition process and assists in the country’s development. Human rights are widely understood, fulfilled, promoted and respected.

mission statement

In support of the vision, EBO will:

  • Encourage and strengthen the capacity of decision makers (the executive, army, parliament, civil service & political parties) to seek a more inclusive and democratic solution to peace through engagement processes with other stakeholders to develop policies and strengthen democratic practices.
  • Facilitate ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) to consult amongst themselves; provide information, training and resources to develop policies and strategies for negotiations; and to implement their agreement with the government. The program will also build the capacity of EAOs to interact with the general public and political parties to strengthen collaboration and cooperation in support of a position to negotiate with the government.
  • Strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and (especially ethnic) media by facilitating access to information, training and funding to enable them, especially women and youth, to participate in the peace process and have a more active role in social and political processes.
  • Provide the international community, foreign governments and INGOs with information on developments within Myanmar to help develop their policies to support democratization and to help coordinate their response and involvement in the peace process.

ebo's values

Four principles influence EBO’s strategic planning processes and implementation of activities:

  • Universality and indivisibility
  • Non-discrimination and equality
  • Participation and inclusion
  • Accountability and rule of law

EBO works on the basis that development (poverty eradication), human rights and security (peace) are all intertwined and interdependent. One cannot be achieved without the other. EBO also considers existing differences among all ethnic nationalities in Myanmar as a source of strength rather than weakness.

All EBO staff/ partners and ADDB members abide by our Code of Conduct: Read in Burmese or English.

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