Capacity Building

With all domestic stakeholders, EBO facilitates and supports opportunities for personal and organisational development and growth. The priority is to empower communities and individuals who have been alienated from the political process. EBO's desire is to enable these communities to participate in a meaningful way in any dialogue or negotiations designed to facilitate a transition to democracy and peace in Myanmar.
Capacity building comes in many forms. In EBO's work, capacity building includes:

human resources

  • EBO supports personnel from diverse ethnic backgrounds who have the technical and academic skills to support non-governmental stakeholders of the current peace negotiations.


  • Members of all target groups regularly approach EBO to fund capacity building programmes. This can be anything from short courses (on topics such as federalism) to longer in-house civil society internship programmes. These short and long-term training programmes strengthen the capacity of all stakeholders by increasing knowledge, skills and expertise on issues that are pertinent to their communities or the peace process in general. EBO is also working with INGOs  to provide training for Non State Actors (Ethnic Armed Groups) and ethnic political party personel in order to promote peace.

awareness raising visits

  • From time to time, opportunities arise for stakeholders to visit other countries to experience peace processes in other contexts. The majority of these are funded by other actors and host governments, but EBO fills the gaps or pays for participants who would benefit from the experience but for whom there is no budget.

scholarships to young actors – future community leaders

  • EBO currently supports a number of potential community leaders who have been recommended from their respective communities to access tertiary education, mainly in Asia. The result is that as selected students graduate, civil society and political networks have more access to trained and skilled personnel.

ethnic language media

  • Ethnic communities from all stakeholder groups need to receive accurate news in their own language. EBO continues to support ethnic media organisations publishing news as well as larger media organisations reporting in ethnic languages.